Koby Electric started 26yrs ago in Ohio by Steve Kobilersik. He started the new solar division 8 years ago. This division has been perfecting the installation and maintenance of solar arrays ever since. Steve's business partner Brent Lenkey saw the need for solar on a local level and are working tirelessly to fill that void. Personally witnessing what solar can do for homeowners and business owners alike. The goal is to thrust the company into the public eye to educate and let them know there is a viable local solar company that can assist them in everything from solar array installs to solar maintenance and more. Solar is extremely sustainable in Ohio and can save you a ton of money over time. We employ locally, not hire outside installers like the big companies, to help build our local economy.. 

had a bad experience?

We want to help eliminate faulty solar contracting experiences. Solar does not make sense for everyone. But the customers it does we want to make sure the system is optimized to its full potential. Producing results that are sure to get you solar educated and comfortable with making the decision to go green and save our planet while producing one-day free energy!

experience matters

The background and expertise between Steve and Brent is about 50 years of combined electrical, structural building knowledge.  20 years of that is dedicated to solar experience. As licensed house electricians we should be the first and last stop for all solar needs. We thoroughly understand the building industry which is a must choosing a company for solar installations and products. We are a local company and instead of talking to an operator, you can speak directly to us and even visit our Solar showroom!