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Koby Electric was founded here in Ohio by Steve Kobilersik, in 1996. In 2014, Steve and his business partner, Brent Lenkey, saw the need for solar companies in Ohio and on a local, community level they made a move to fill that void–Solar Connection was born.


Together Steve and Brent have been working tirelessly to bring Ohio residents and businesses affordable and versatile solar energy solutions. Their solar division has been finetuning its craft, perfecting solar panel installation and maintenance and providing expert service to homeowners and business owners alike. Steve and Brent have a shared goal to gain public attention and educate Ohio communities about the advantages of solar energy, as well as presenting the Solar Connection team as solar energy experts who offer full service consultation, installation, and maintenance services to clients. Ohio is a great place to install solar panels and solar energy is an affordable power source for everyday living and working. Customers will also save significantly over time, and can feel good about working with a company like Solar Connection that employs local solar installers and aims to help build our collective Ohio economy. 


If we aren’t installing the best quality solar panel systems, you can find us helping to educate and inform the community and customers alike. We love talking about going green and benefitting the planet and have our sights set on a future run on free energy. It’s a big dream, but here in our Ohio communities, we’re making it happen, one customer at a time.

Better Customer Experiences

We regularly hear about negative interactions with fly-by-night solar companies. It’s our goal to eliminate these unfortunate, faulty solar contracting experiences. At Solar Connection our team is embedded in the local community. We respect our neighbors and would never try to sell a potential customer on a system that wouldn’t serve their energy needs. To be open and honest about it, we can say without hesitation that solar panel installation does not make sense for everyone. That said, for those customers who would benefit from using solar panels, it would be a shame to leave any potential for system optimization left unexplored. We want a new solar panel system to be worth your investment and to serve you well for years to come. See what you’ve been missing–reach out to Solar Connection today!

Solar Energy Experts

Solar Connection is built on the firm foundation of Steve and Brent’s combined 50 years of electrical and structural building expertise. They also boast extensive experience in the solar energy field. Pair their solar know-how with knowledge gained as licensed electricians and their thorough understanding of the building industry, and you have a one-stop establishment for every solar energy need. With this varied background, Steve, Brent, and the Solar Connection team can offer clients the very best in solar energy products, installation, maintenance, and more. At the same time, their hard-earned expertise hasn’t caused them to lose touch—Solar Connection is always a local company first and both Steve and Brent love to talk directly with customers. So get in touch, give us a call, and visit our solar showroom to learn how we can help you take back your energy autonomy.

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